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About Me.

Please read T&Cs before booking an event or a pod.



  1. Valentina Occasions is a sales agent ONLY, 100% of ticket money goes to the venue host

  2. All Event Bookings are non-refundable

  3. All Event Bookings are non-transferable to another event

  4. We do allow re-naming, so if for some reason you are unable to attend you can send someone in your place.

  5. You may not purchase and re-sell tickets at a higher value.

  6. Any re-sale of ticket needs to be requested via email at at least 10 working days before the event

  7. Food for events is pre-order only, a member of the team will contact you to take your

  8. pre order, we must receive this at least 7 days prior to the event

  9. We ask that you remain seated during performances for yours and the performers safety

  10. We cannot Guarantee any of the performer’s attendance, on a rare occasion a performer may be unable to attend for sickness or travel reasons, we will always do our utmost to replace any acts with a similar alternative. On an extremely rare occasion we may not be able to replace a performer. We do not offer partial or full refunds for performers unable to attend.

  11. Food & Drink packages are created by the hosting venue and Valentina Occasions have no control over the offering

  12. Valentina Occasions are not responsible for food service on the day of the event

  13. Valentina Occasions supply the entertainment, marketing and performers on the day, our event managers are there to manage entertainment acts, they are not on site to take feedback, drinks orders or drink/food requests

  14. The hosting venue is solely responsible for any food & drink served to the customer

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