Private hire spaces For hospitality

The Valentina Original private dining space is our own made product, combining 20 years of construction & event styling experience to bring luxury, unique private dining spaces to hospitality venues. Our luxury wooden structures offer an additional revenue for hospitality businesses through private hire, as well as desire to book for the customer, guaranteed bookings and great 'instagrammable' experiences your customers can't wait to share with their friends. Our private dining spaces are fully themed and usable all year round, rain or shine. They come with interchangeable panels for all weather conditions and can be beautifully styled by us from Surf shacks and vineyards in the summer to heated, Apres Ski lodges in the Winter. Valentina Occasions are the countries first themed 'pop up' dining experiences available for hospitality venues across the UK. We offer installation at no cost to the venue, support with driving bookings, marketing & PR and maintenance. Valentina Occasions takes care of absolutely everything so you can continue to run your hospitality business without any added stress or cost. 


We create bespoke themes, that change seasonally to create a fully themed, exclusive, immersive dining experience for your customers to enjoy. Our Valentina Partnership model is design to be a zero cost, zero risk model to hospitality venues, where we take care of all the flooring, props, decor and even provide custom built dining tables & large props such as bars to make the experience even more authentic for your customer.


We create a bespoke, branded, booking system and website for your customers to book through as well as in house print, digital marketing, social media marketing and local press to book out your slots. All you need to do is provide the exceptional service and food you always have when the customers arrive.


We're looking to work with a limited number of venues in Kent, Sussex, Essex, Surrey and surrounding areas for exclusivity and keep your venue in demand.

Despite Covid 19 and various lockdown and local lockdown Tier changes, we have managed to get over 1000 bookings over December and at over 90% capacity across all of our venues and we're currently over 65% capacity across all venues for April, May & June dates.

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