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Lets talk about Bottomless brunches in Kent

Let’s talk about brunching

Once upon a time there was just breakfast, lunch and dinner…. That’s until Brunch made a big and bold entrance into our lifestyles. Now it’s all about this sweet and savory meal plenty of smoked salmon, avocado and of course, most importantly, bottomless bubbles!

Our waiting list to launch a Valentina Occasions brunch was starting to get out of control so there really wasn’t a better time to launch the IBIZAN Brunch on 11th June at The Moat in Wrotham.

Thanks to good old Guy Beringer, who if you didn’t know was the guy that apparently created brunches - hero in our eyes! Beringer apparently created the concept on a hangover which makes complete sense, right? Beringer was all about waking up on a hangover and having a delicious hybrid meal midday. Let’s be honest, things have changed since 1895 and it’s now the brunches that cause the hangover and all about the bacon sarnies the next day!

When designing our brunch concept - as we do with everything we create, we started with a storyboard. We sat around the table, with some smoked salmon and avocado (when in Rome) and started to think about how we can create a Brunch like no other! Did we want this brunch to be cool, chilled, traditional, luxury or unique?

We then decided, why not have it all! So here it is….

The Theme:

There are plenty of IBIZA brunches out there but I challenge you to find one like our IBIZAN secret garden brunch. We have taken plenty of inspiration from the beautiful tropics of the island of IBIZA. Getting sand into the Moat wasn’t possible, however, bringing you the tropical island beauty and decor was!

The Menu:

We have worked with the Moat to design a bespoke menu launching right in time for the IBIZAN brunch. We have taken inspiration from the most delicious and desirable brunch classics found on international to quirky shoreditch brunch menus.

On arrival you will have a delicious array of locally sourced pastries, sourdough toast and rushbridge bloomer toast with preserves. Up next is the good stuff, Eggs Benedict, Crushed Avocado,Confit Duck Leg and much more. Finished with delicious coconut granola, berry compote and chantilly yogurt - always good to freshen up the palette!

The Drinks:

Two hours unlimited free flowing prosecco - need we say more? You won’t be waiting for a glass refill at this venue, the owners of The Moat are known for throwing a great party and this is something that their staff are also passionate about! They only allow glasses half full here!

The Entertainment:

Having a DJ at a brunch doesn’t quite tick off the entertainment checklist for us… neither does a DJ and a singer…. Neither does a DJ, SAX and singer.

However, a DJ, Sax, singer and dancing disco ball performers kind of does!

Our resident DJ Micky J is an IBIZA legend so it’s about time we themed an event around this! Mickey performed in IBIZA for numerous seasons in the 90’s and is known for his time at Manumission, Ibiza. Accompanied by our live club singer and saxophonist, we will be bringing you the perfect array of IBIZA classics old and new.

Tickets are just £65.00 from 12-4pm, book now to avoid FOMO and having to catch up on our instagram stories!

See you there,

Team Valentina

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